Worlds Smallest thermometer !

Tympani, the World’s Smallest and the Most Accurate Thermometer for iPhone and Android.

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Temperature is your body’s red-flag. A warning system for when you are not well. The thermometer is the first line of defense when you or your children are sick. Every parent needs one, and the carrying case included with Tympani makes it perfect for on-the-go.

Tympani was developed out of a need for an alternative to traditional thermometers; one that was less invasive, more accurate, and worked for everyone from infants to seniors. Tympani addresses all of these needs! As an Infra-Red In-Ear thermometer, there is no more holding it in your little one’s mouth and waiting for 30 seconds to get their temperature. Tympani is compact and gives you an accurate temperature reading in 2 seconds!

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