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What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to reaching your goals? Boosting your productivity may be all you need to reach new heights. If you are looking for a few simple ways to be more productive and efficient with your time, check out these ten productivity-boosting tips.



BRIAN TRACY: Hello I’m Brian Tracy, and today I want to talk to you about, my favorite subject in the whole world. Is how, you can increase your productivity and reach your goals faster than ever before.

Now, everyone is ours gifted with the same 24 hours every day is how you use those hours though, that makes all the difference. If you’re like many people boosting your productivity, maybe all that it takes for you to reach new heights. What I have found is that successful people are all described or to other people as being really productive.

So if you’re looking for a few simple ways to be more productive, and efficient with your time. Check out these ten productivity boosting tips. And as you listen think of what action you’re going to take immediately to apply one or more of these tips and write it down, write it down, write it down.

So the first tips to boost your productivity, is that utilize the “touch it once” rule. The touch it once rules dictates that you should complete a task or project from start to finish. The first time that you catch it, rather than starting on a task and leaving it to finish at a later time. If you’re able to commit to following this rule.

It will eliminate most opportunities for procrastination right out of the gate. Now the next way to increase your productivity is to always write down your plan. I’m passionate about write it down, write it down. Whether do you keep a to do list in a notebook, or a calendar, or a app for your phone, writing down the tasks that you need to complete the excellent way to keep yourself organized.

As well as an excellent way to become more productive as well. There’s something about writing down a list of tasks that makes you more motivated. To complete that can give you a greater focus and scratch off the list one by one. And each time you scratch off the task you feel great about yourself when you’re eager to start with a new task. When to do this is in your heads little more than something to stress over. But when you’re to do list is written down, it becomes a plan of action.

Productivity tip number three is to set small goals. Formal goal setting is one of the most powerful methods for helping a person achieve their long term goals. However call setting can be used to help you reach short term goals and boost your day today productivity as well. By breaking a large project into many pieces in setting small goals, you can take advantage of the motivation boosting benefits of goal setting and use them to substantially increase your productivity.

What this means, is each time you start and complete the task you get a rush of endorphins which gives you more energy and creativity and motivates you into the next task. So everything in life depends upon task completion. So if you have a lot of small tasks then and you complete these tasks, they motivate you and give you a feeling of personal power and energy.

The fourth productivity tip is to plan ahead. Before you and each workday, plan ahead by writing down you’re to do list for the next day. This should be the last thing that you do, at the end of a workday. Planning out the next day’s work ahead of time in this manner allows you to prepare your mind ahead of time for the next day’s work. And also lets you dive right into your to do list, the moment the workday starts.

The next step is to avoid over committing. Nothing kills your productivity quite as like biting off way more than you can chew. Over committing to more work then you’re actually able to complete leads only to stress and worry and anxiety which can make it difficult to complete any work at all.

So why you don’t want to sell yourself short on the amount of work that you can complete in a given time. You also want to avoid checking on more than you can handle. It’s a fine balance. But an important one to find, if you want to be at your most productive. If you really want to be more efficient when reaching your goals you need to stop trying to multi task.

While multi-tasking may seem like an easy way to boost your productivity. Multitasking chance to end up producing the opposite results. Any time you split your attention between multiple tasks. Both your productivity and the quality of your work are going to drop like a stone. Instead of multi-tasking, give one task your full attention until it is completed before moving on to the next.

Here’s my discovery, there’s no such thing as multi-tasking. There is only task shifting. That means, you change your attention like a gun pointed in different directions and you do something else, and then you have to come back, and then you have to find out where you were, and start over on that task, and then when you shift you shift.

But you don’t do more than one thing at a time. Human beings can only focus on one thing at a time, one task at a time. So starts to work on that one task, until it’s complete. It is the great secret of success.

My seventh step for increase productivity, is to start with your hardest tasks first. If you’re able to complete your most difficult task right out of the gate, you are then able to continue your day knowing that the worst is behind you rather than spending the day stressing about a task that you were dreading.

We call this eating your frog. Given that stress and worry are the enemies of productivity, tackling the toughest task on your to do list first thing is an effective way to become more productive.

As my friend Robert Allen said, do the worst first. And then move on to your other tasks. And often overlooked strategy that can really increase your daily efficiency is to determine when you are most productive. Most people are at their most productive in the early morning hours. Get up, get going, and one of the secrets of self-made millionaires is to get up and get going by 6 AM maybe even earlier.

And get up do your exercises and then launch your word and your worst your most difficult task. Others, however, those who are not at their best during the morning may do their best work late at night.

There are many people who start work at midnight and worked all night and then they sleep in the first half of the day determines when you personally are at your most productive and use those hours to their full advantage. If you really want to increase productivity you need to make sure that you minimize interruptions as much as possible.

Today we live in a world that offers up one interruption and distraction after the other. If you want to be as productive as possible, it’s essential to eliminate as many of these interruptions that you possibly can.

Close yourself off in a room and if you’re able to leave your phone in another room. Just turn it off. Take whatever steps you can to close yourself off from the outside world. So that all that is left issue and the work that needs to be completed.

Many large companies in large cities, actually, I have an apartment very close to the office with offices they’re all set up. So that a person has to complete a task can go to that apartment and there’s no telephones, and no interruptions, and they could work single mindedly, without anybody bothering them.

You have to do the same thing for yourself. You have to close your door. Use one of the simplest techniques, get one of those does not disturb signs from the next hotel that you stay in and put it on your door. When you start work, but on the other side of the door close the door do not disturb and it’s quite astonishing.

I’ve tried this too many of my staff members and they could not believe how much more they got done by just having people stop interrupting. If you are in a normal office, you’ll be interrupted four or five times per hour unless, you put a stop to it.

Last but not least set time limits for yourself. Few things are more motivating than deadlines. And you can take advantage of this, by setting realistic self-imposed time limits on the task you need to complete. If you’re able to treat these time limits with all the seriousness that you would treat an official deadline then your productivity is sure to benefit.

Please tell me in the comments below. The one action that you’re going to take immediately to improve your productivity based on what we just talked about. Did you enjoy this video and you feel it was valuable in teaching you about increasing productivity subscribe to my channel, like this video, and share this video with your friends. Don’t forget to click the button on the screen for a free gift.

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10 Productivity Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals | Brian Tracy

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