3 Keys to A Successful Midlife Career Change


Is it ever too late for a career change? Absolutely not. In this episode you’ll learn 3 keys to make a successful midlife career change — and the stats that prove you can start a new career in your 40s, 50s, 60s & beyond!


MARIE FORLEO: Well hello, it’s Marie Forleo and welcome to another episode of Marie TV and the Marie Forleo broadcast. So today we’re talking about what it takes to make a big career change, especially if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and beyond. This question is inspired by Joanne who writes. Hey Marie, please help. I’m 37 years old and I want to make a career change from teaching to running my own writing business.

Honestly, I’m not sure where to even start. I have a blog and writing samples, but no idea what to do next. I’m worried that it’s just too late to make a career change this big any advice?

Joanne, this is an amazing question and yes, I have lots to Share on this, but ultimately you need to know, of course you can make a big career change and I got proof to back it up. But in order for you to do this successfully, there are three keys that I need you to keep in mind. Key number one, you got a drop them, it’s too late and I’m too old be as negative.

First, I got to make one thing crystal clear. Nobody cares how old you are, but you. Yes, I know ageism is a thing, you kind of forget about what’s happening on the outside world and you, Joanne, need to get a grip on what’s going on in your inside world, woman.

Here’s the fact, the average working age is actually going up as people retire later in life. Some studies show that in a few years, 25 percent of the nation’s workforce will be 55 and older. And get this, research by the global entrepreneurship monitor shows that folks over 55 have the highest rate of business startup activity globally over the past decade.

Plus, Joanne, I got to be honest, you are not starting from scratch. You have a ton of experience and wisdom and strength from your previous career that is going to help you thrive in your new writing business. So please do not sell yourself short my love. Bottom line, there are tons of people crushing it in new careers at all ages, so you’re not too old and it is never too late.

In fact, we actually have an entire episode about so-called late bloomers. If you Google Marie Forleo, late bloomers you will watch an amazing episode with 10 success stories that prove it is never too late to start a new business or new career. Let’s keep on moving to key number two.

Key number two is you got to get educated about business. So Joanne, if you want to run a writing business, you can’t just focus on being the best writer, right?

You also have to know how to market and sell your services so that your business is sustainable, so that it’s profitable and you make this career change successfully. Let me tell you about a woman named Katrina who actually did our B-school program. So she was leaving this 25- year career to start her own business as a counselor.

Now get this, she actually wanted to make this big career change at a time when she was working at 40 hours a week. She had a two hour commute every day. She was the primary caregiver for her sick dad and she was caring for her two daughters and she was in graduate school.

Talk about ambitious. Now she took B-school because like you, she didn’t know how to get from point A to point B. In terms of finding customers and setting up her shop and so on and so forth. So she did B-school, she took massive action and now she’s got a successful business. Now obviously Joanne, I am partial to B-school because we run it.

It’s freaking phenomenal. and you can go check it out it joined B-school.com but no matter what, if you want to make this career change and you want to start your own writing business, you can’t just focus on the writing part. You also got a focus on the business part. Cool?

Okay, finally key number three is develop a bias towards action. Look, starting a whole new career, of course it’s going to feel daunting. It’s going to feel scary, but only if you sit around and daydream or stress about it in your head.

But Joanne, you are not going to do that, my love. You are going to be smarter. Instead, here’s what you’re going to do. You are going to develop a bias towards actions. What does that mean? You’re going to focus on taking small steps every single day towards this new career.

Remember, clarity comes from engagement, not thought. I’m telling you, you don’t need to know all the steps in advance, just what you need to focus on right here and right now. And any time you find yourself slipping into overwhelm or thinking about how much you still have to do, how far you have to go, how much is ahead of you, I need you to stop.

Take a breath and ask yourself this question: what’s the next right action step here? One more time what’s the next right action step here? And then I need you to listen for the answer. It may be as simple as, go drink a glass of water or maybe its contact five local businesses and offer to write their newsletter in exchange for a testimonial, or maybe its set up the services page on my website.

It doesn’t have to be anything major, but there is always a small, tangible action step that you can take to move your new business ahead. Remember, everything is Figureoutable, including making this career change. And that was my A to your Q. Joanne. I really do hope it helps. Now I want to hear from all of you.

Have you ever made a big career change and if so, what was the most important lesson that you learned in the process? I want a crowd source some wisdom for Joanne and anybody else out there who wants to make a big career change, especially if they have concerns that it’s just too late for them.

So come chat me up on social media. I’m @marieforleo on all the platforms, or tell me in the comments at marieforleo.com. Now once you’re over there, be sure to subscribe to our email list and become an MF insider. You’re going to get a burst of love and positivity and action-based learning every single week.

Until next time, stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world really does need that very special gift that only you have.

Thank you so much for tuning into Marie TV and the Marie Forleo podcast and I’ll see you soon.


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3 Keys to A Successful Midlife Career Change

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