7 Millionaire Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs. These 7 Millionaire Habits will help you to become a successful entrepreneur. Adopting Millionaire Habits Changed My Life and My Mindset for Success.


ROBERTO BLAKE: Someone once told me that your decisions are what dictate your destiny, not your DNA. It was really good advice, and I realize that most of our decisions are dictated by our habits. So here are seven habits of highly successful entrepreneurs. Let’s get into the video.

Hey, everybody, this is Roberto Blake helping you create something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. So it’s 2020, welcome to another amazing year. Let’s make it the best one ever with some better habits.

There are a lot of habits that I found are associated with not only my own success, but the most successful people in the world people that I looked up to and admire a lot. So what a kind of walk you through the seven really important habits and this is obviously a playoff of Stephen Covey’s book, “This Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

I just you know used it for entrepreneurship, but I think that this will be relevant to a lot of people regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you aspire to be, or you are still working a 9 to 5 job. I need to make a video for people are quitting their 9 to 5 job because that’s going to happen a lot this year.

But anyway, let’s just go ahead and get into the seven habits. So the first habit that I really want to talk about is raising your standards. Raising your standards is important because you will learn to respect yourself and care about yourself a lot more when you move the needle on expectations, when you decide that you’re capable of more, you will actually do more.

And when you raise your standards, this is for a lot of different things. It’s also the story you tell yourself and the way you allow people to treat you, and so one of things that I’ve come to understand is that your own self talk is probably what’s going to screw you over the most.

So raising your standards and treating yourself like somebody who’s worthy, treating yourself like someone who deserves more and better. Just picking yourself up, it’s going to change your life fundamentally it’s going to make you a lot more successful and a lot more confident.

The second habit is to act intentionally. Remember what I said about decisions dictating our destiny? Well, when you are taking action, I think that’s important that you’re doing it in a very meaningful and intentional way. Most people do this go with the flow thing throughout their entire life, and it means that they’re just reactionary.

Life is happening to them instead of like happening for them. Make decisions, and then let your actions be guided by those decisions. Make firm choices about the outcomes that you want, and then act in a way that produces those outcomes. That is going to make you massively successful.

The third habit is to understand and to respect your priorities. Understand what is and isn’t a priority for you individually and personally. And this is going to be different for everybody. For me, I know that making money is a priority for me.

I know it is for everybody because we need that to survive, you need an income source, but I have very specific goals and standards I’ve set up for myself in life, and so I make pursuing those goals and in this case, money, a priority. and I think that that’s okay because that’s just my choice, that’s what makes me feel more valued, more stable, more secure in my future, and it’s okay if you judge what makes you feel better about yourself very differently.

For me, knowing that I’ve been able to take care of myself, knowing that I have been able to invest, knowing that I have been able to help people that I want to help, knowing that I have the resources to take whatever action I want in life is something that’s very important to me, and so that’s why I make money a priority.

But it’s not my only priority obviously health is a big priority for me I took time off from YouTube to specifically address my health and my fitness to lose some weight because I was like looking at, like where did those abs go? It’s like I had abs in my 20s, and then they were never seen or heard from again. Right so like I did some work on myself?

And I’ll get to more of that in a minute, but I just think that making sure you understand what your priorities are and that you are honoring those priorities is going to be very important for you.

The fourth habit is to be fair minded. I think that when we’re young, we’re all taught about fairness and about treating other people the way we would like to be treated, and it’s something that I see a lot of entrepreneurs forget.

They were taught this at five, they seem to forget it by the time they are 35 or 50 or older. And it seems really odd to me that this is something that’s so simple. If you want to cultivate respect from people, then I think it goes a long way when you’re respectful of them first.

Reputation is one the most important things in the world, and I think that having a reputation for being fair with people is something that more of us should think very carefully about. Do you want to be known as someone who is fair minded?

It’s a very simple question. and the answer for me is an obvious yes, I want to be someone who is known to negotiate in good faith, someone is known to act in good faith, someone who is known to treat people well because that is your reputation, that is what people are going to say, and it’s going to attract people to you based on that reputation.

if you are fair minded and your somebody that is known to treat people well, pay people appropriately and to hear people out, to act in good faith and you know basically to not be a snake or a con artist, then I think it goes a long way to making you successful in the long term, and I know that you know fair play is not something that everybody does in the short term.

And you see a few scumbags like become successful, but I promise you that’s not how the majority of people get where they are, and you’ll feel better about yourself every day you look in the mirror if you can think about how you treat people and know that you were fair.

I think that the things that I regret in life are the times when I was like you know a teenager and I was a little bit of a punk and I didn’t treat everyone kindly or fairly, it’s the probably the thing that keeps me up at night.

Habit number five is to seek to understand successful people and their story. I think a lot of people get very hung up on the fact that maybe they didn’t have a mentor or maybe they didn’t have like a good role model in their life in any kind of way, and I really sympathize a lot with that.

I mean I didn’t have a mentor in my young life, especially not my entrepreneurship, and I had to read books to find mentors, and then interestingly through my success, a lot of those people that read about in books, and I ended up getting to meet them, and some of them, I became friends with. and they went from people who were mentors from afar that I’d studied the success of the being people that I can pick up the phone and call, which is really cool and amazing.

And I think that one of the things you have to do is you have to understand the journey of success, and if you’re struggling, find somebody that has your circumstances. And maybe they’re not a book or maybe they’re non YouTube. They might be on YouTube at this point, but find somebody with your circumstances, you are like, well, nobody in that space looks like me, or nobody came from where I came from, or that’s not representative of me in the industry.

I’m sure there is somebody that you relate to, and you might have to broaden your horizons, and maybe it’s not going to someone from the same culture the same background as you, but someone who thinks like you.

So I know that that can be a hard thing for people to get past, but I think it’s important to find somebody that is on a similar path to you in terms of the results that you want and also maybe came in some way from your circumstances or your background, and I think you need to find a way to see yourself in other successful people.

And then use that to help you build your road map, and your framework to success. Take what is useful, and leave the rest behind. And I think that’s just some of the best advice I can give.

The sixth habit that I think really helps with like successful entrepreneurs is a lot of them will act as if they’ve already won. This is very different from faking it until you make it. Acting as if you’ve already won comes down to this, how would I behave? How would I react? How would I respond if I had already won?

If I had already achieved the success that wants, would this thing matter to me? If I already had the successful I want, would I spend money on this? If I already had the success that I want, would I care what this person has to say? Act as if you’ve already won.

It means that if you think about the outcomes that you really want the person that you feel you’re destined to be or the person you most admire and look up to, you ask yourself, would they waste time on this? Would they have this opinion? Would they give this their time, their attention, their money, their resources, or would they have different priorities?

If you act like somebody who already has won, you will change your habits and your standards and your priorities and you will act from that perspective. So I want you to just kind of shift your mindset, and basically, the exercise I use is this.

So in the way that I approach this is asking myself a simple question, if I was a multi-millionaire, would I care about this? And the answer for many of those things is no, and so I take the action that a multi-millionaire would do in that situation, within reason obviously, I say, yeah I wouldn’t care about that if I was a multi-millionaire.

So I’m not going to care about it now because that probably brings me closer to being a multi-millionaire. So that’s just kind of my version of it. Another way you could you could do it is you can ask yourself, if I had unlimited time and resources, would this thing be as important to me as it is right now? And I think that could be a good filter for you in terms of how to act in a situation?

The seventh and final habit that I will give you is this one, become obsessed with self-improvement. One of the most important things I think in my personality and my mind set is the fact that I am obsessed with self-improvement.

I constantly want to be better than I was the day before, the year before I am constantly moving that goalpost, and it’s a characteristic that makes my friends and family very nervous for me about whether there’s any contentment in life to be had for me or will it always be I’m content for like five days, and then I want to up the ante.

And I totally get that, but I think being obsessed with self-improvement with working on yourself, whether that’s your health, your fitness, your money goals, your ambitions, your craft. Like I mean I’m always obsessed with how can I make these videos better for all of you?

I think that’s obvious in the effort that I have put into making the audio quality better, the lighting, the videos and the fact that I want to be more consistent again. I want to eventually to some extent whether I have to hire an editor or whatever it takes, I want to get to the point to where I’m only give you guys the quality of the videos that you’ve come to expect, but I want to go back to giving you the quality and the quantity, I want to go back to 365 days of Roberto Blake videos on this channel.

Not only do I know that from an outcome standpoint that will definitely benefit me, it’s also something I just really want to do, and I also really feel that I can deliver value to you if I am able to balance making the videos the way that I want, the way it satisfies me, and making as much of it as I possibly can. That is my obsession with self-improvement is how can I do this better?

I also am constantly working to update and improve products that I sell to my customers. Something that I did an obsessed over very recently was, I actually just filmed, that we still have to edit for some of this if you’re watching this in January, we have to finish the editing, but before the end of the month, we want to update every single one of the things that I sell.

So we want to update the formula for awesome videos course, which helps people improve their quality of videos both on their performance for people who are nervous and don’t know how to be comfortable on camera, and then also we want to improve the video production, the lighting, the audio.

We made an entry level course that’s $149, I think, and we want to improve that even more this year. So I’m not even going to charge people more, and we’re about to literally overhaul and add more to that course.

We have the YouTube Starter Kit. I made a bunch of YouTube templates to help you with thumbnails and all these things, and we’re adding my deck that I use for brand deals. My media kit, we’re giving people my media kit, and we’re also going to be giving people my live streaming assets, and we’re just adding that to the product, we’re not charging people more money for it, we’re not even increasing the price.

We’re going to give it to all the existing customers and all the new customer because, again, I’m just obsesses with make everything better, especially anything that represents me. I just spent $1, 500 to overhaul my website because I wanted what represents me to be better.

And so being obsessed with self-improvement, elevating your standards, treating people fairly, I strongly believe that all of these habits will make you more successful as an entrepreneur if you embrace them.

So those are my seven habits. By the way, all the products I mentioned, if you are interested in the formula for awesome videos course, if you are interest in the YouTube Starter Kit and those thumbnail templates, those will be linked in description down below, I just want to mention that because I’m really proud of the work we’ve done on that, me and my team, but we’re also working to improvements.

So if you want to take advantage of it, it’s linked down below, if you’re watching this video in January, we’re also going to run a discount code to the end of the month on a few of my videos, so please take advantage of that and get it just a little bit cheaper.

Question of the day, what habit are you going to improve in 2020 that you think is going to make you much more successful than you are? Let me know in the comments section. Also, if you have a habit that you think I should adopt, let me know that too because I’m really curious in your feedback of what do you think would be a good habit for me to adopt in 2020 because you know I’m obsessed with personal development and self-improvement.

Anyway, guys, thank you so much for watching. I think what my habit is that what I want is my habit is making more content. That’s the habit I want.

Anyway, guys like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe check out to other awesome content on the channel. We got a ton of videos for 2020. As always, you guys, thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget, go out there, create something awesome today, especially if it’s a better habit. Take care.




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