7 Reasons Not to Miss – China Fintech Summit 2017

Today China’s Fintech Industry is just getting hotter than ever before. China leads the planet by its largest user base and Market size financial technology or Fintech start-ups are booming and its valuation are kind of skyrocketing, As the overall User behavior is changing dramatically, the Investment world is aggressively getting into the bandwagon reap the benefits. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be missing the China FinTech Summit 2017

  • Analysis and firsthand testimony regarding trends and the current status of the international FinTech market
  • Policy and regulatory updates related to FinTech, in cloud computing, big data and blockchain, from government officials and representatives of industry associations
  • Interpretation of advances in FinTech, with regard to infrastructure establishment and security issues
  • Exploration of FinTech applications that promote enterprise digital transformation, including business model innovation, process optimization and customer relationship management
  • Overview of opportunities and challenges related to payment, loans, insurance, wealth management upgrades, enabled by developments in FinTech
  • Inquiring to FinTech’s impact on internet finance and observe new market opportunities
  • Opportunities to meet potential customers and business partners in the field
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7 Reasons Not to Miss – China Fintech Summit 2017

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