A Cloud-based Digital Architecture for cross-functional teams


Many companies today, big or small, depend on technological systems to run and optimize their businesses. Knowledge of the existing IT infrastructure is necessary in order to understand how the organization functions at its core. This is a cross-functional, technology-driven organization that connects the two worlds and makes informed decisions. It is a cloud-based Digital Architecture SaaS Software.

Archipeg software differentiate themselves from others by making Architecture practical and accessible to its practitioners and stakeholders. Moreover, The software believes that Digital Architecture can be maximized by combining Enterprise Architecture with Solution Architecture & other disciplines that govern planning, implementing, and delivering business, application, & technology solutions. It is a team of Enterprise and Solution Architects. It is a reflection of their beliefs, experience, and expertise.

It is common for Enterprise and Solution Architects to work in silos from each other. This means that they do not know what the other person is doing in their part of the company at any given time, which may lead to a lack of collaboration. Luckily for them there’s Archipeg which puts enterprise-level architecture in the center of an organization by uniting forces to capture enterprise and solution-level architecture with effective decision-making through systematic insights on all matters related to both enterprise and solution architecture.