A free timesheetcalculator.io tool for employees


Do not waste time calculating employees’ working hours manually!

For the business owner who wishes to generate weekly, biweekly timesheets and prepare payroll for employees, this timesheet calculator is free. Businesses with remote employees, Remote Agency owners, Freelancers, and Freelancers will benefit most from this solution.

This tool calculates the timesheets with clock-in and clock-out, lunch break rules, and overtime calculation rules. It also has a feature that you can print or export an employee’s weekly or biweekly timesheet, complete with gross pay and total hours.

The main purpose of this online timesheet calculator is to make calculating work hours and generating payment as easy as possible for managers and employees. Once employees have tracked their time, they can input their hours to calculate their payment, include or exclude break time, add overtime, print, download, reset, and more.