A wrap on Google IO under 9 mins

A Glance into the taalk –

  1. Google Workspace next big step “Smart Canvas” – Google Meet will be connected directly via Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
  1. Natural Language Understanding – LaMDA – A language model for dialogue applications – Language models are built that allow people to naturally ask questions across different pieces of information.
  1. Safety Updates – Auto Delete available for all new google accounts. Now it has over two million accounts active.
  1. Google Chrome’s new password connects – New privacy controls come to more apps.
  1. MUM – multitask unified model which is a breakthrough concept in google search.
  1. New Google AR experiences
  1. Google Lens – A capability that combines visual translation with educational content from the web.
  1. 100 + improvements powered by Google AI – Maps -Virtual Street Signs etc.
  1. Google Maps  – Most Fuel Efficient route
  1. Shopping with Google is getting better – new feature – A suggestion to search photos with google lens.
  1. Google Photos has 4 trillion photos – Launch of Little Patterns – Combines your day to day moments and helps to resurface them in an organised way.
  1. Google Photos Material You – A new design includes you to transform the look and feel of all the apps.
  1. Android 12 gets a new look, more privacy features, first public beta version
  1.  Samsung – Google – collaborates and delivers faster performance, longer battery, thriving developer system.
  1.  Health – Google is using AI to identify breast cancer screening process, skin conditions, for tuberculosis screenings.
  1. Google I/Project starline – High resolution cameras and with the sensors which helps to experience the real time experience during our virtual calls.