Living it – Around the globe in 200 days

In the world, where everything is available at a single click and in a blink of an eye, this couple decided to live in the moment. Being adventure enthusiasts, they decided to plan a 200 day trip to 19 countries. Believer of the fact “If you want authenticity, you should initiate it “, they decided to start their journey from Iceland. From Norway to Italy, they lived each second of it. Be it the scenic beauty or diving into the water, they didn’t miss out on any. Witnessing the matches in Spain they continued their trip to Morocco.

Well, how could anyone think of even missing out the camel rides Egypt and rollercoasters in Japan on a world tour? Enjoying the beaches and snorkeling at Philippines the couple headed towards Bali, one of the most favoured holiday destinations. On the 99th day of the trip, they visited Nepal. The scenic beauty, the weather, the mountains and the forests everything at Nepal turned out to be simply mesmerising.  The next flight landed at South Africa. Be it the music nights or the matches, they didn’t miss out on anything.   The next on their list was Argentina, the land of ice and water, couldn’t serve them any better.

“Sail away from the safe harbour “, and that’s how you celebrate life.



Living it – Around the globe in 200 days

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