Barbie Celebrates International Women’s Day by Honoring Next Generation of Female Leaders

Barbie celebrates womens day

In Canada, young women are often told that computers are not for them and THEY CAN’T build technology. But not for Melissa Sariffodeen. Melissa is a savvy tech entrepreneur, leader and influencer in the field who happens to share many passions with Barbie like encouraging girls to pursue and helping women break into the tech field.

Barbie is an inspiration to hundreds of girls around the world. They dream big, and even if they seem unattainable, Barbie reminds them that girls can be anything! In this way, she has become a role model for so many. 

This year Barbie celebrates not only the news year but also International Women’s Day! She has teamed up with other role models in order to inspire women all over the world. These special collectables will show to the rest of the world how diverse dolls can get.

Having partnered with 12 well-known female role models from various industries like technology, wellness, and STEM, the company will release dolls with strong resemblances to each woman as well as Barbie-inspired looks.

The diversity of the new doll collection was inspired by a previous Barbie campaign based on customization. Many women felt excluded from the opportunity for their unique identity to be seen and acknowledged by Barbie which therefore led to “the idea of having a variety of different skin tones, hairstyles and body types” available immediately after its debuting online.