Google Lens can read for those who cant!

Google Lens is eventually bringing down our linguistic differences across the world. Touring around the unknown world will become much easier.

PRESENTER: There’s one final area where we think that the camera can be particularly helpful to people. Around the world there are more than eight hundred million adults who are struggling to read the words that they come across in their daily lives bus schedules, bank forms, etc.

And many of them are coming online for the first time with a smart phone so to help with that we’ve integrated the new camera capability into Google Goal this is our search up for entry level devices. Take the sign in English next to an ATM.

Now for someone who does not understand the language and cannot read the words, this is important information that they’re not getting access to and we think that the camera can help you so let me show you how? So directly from the Google search bar you can use lens open it pointed at the sign to hear the text read out aloud to you.


GOOGLE LENS: Information for card holders all customers using old proprietary magnetic stripe card should be advised.


PRESENTER: What is nice here is that it is highlighting the words as their spoken that way even if you can’t read the language well you can follow along and you understand the full context of what you see. You can also translate it into your own language like this.

Notice that the translated text is overlaid right on top of the original sign you know it almost feels like the sign was written in your own language to start with and again you can hit listen and hear the words read out loud this time in your own language.