How to Achieve Your Goals: 3 Science-Backed Strategies That Work

If you are someone who is going to start working for your goals all you need to do is cling to her words, Marie Forleo. She has made a sweet and sensible three strategies that are commonly known and rarely used. Follow her to follow your track of success.

Though “write it down” seems to be old and outdated I personally believe they are the really something to be taken into consideration. Her research examples also prove that writing helps improving to achieve our goal and by writing she means writing it down everyday writing its progress every day, writing all new resolutions we make even if it is a smaller one adds the value to the goal and help us

Scheduling a plan is yet another old wine in a new bottle. To achieve something we need to focus on the process of achieving. I loved the part of backup plan for not all that we plan we do. “Where and when and how” are the common plan points to be noted even for our daily routine like gym and hostel this seems amazing while we plan we are almost mentally ready for the process.

Updating about it to someone close to us is the clearly an effective idea because once we update it to someone close to us, we will eventually have a accountability and that will increase our level of interest in the process and goal .  Her words “I don’t buy book I make book” left me inspired. I will surely turn back to her in my process through goal.



How to Achieve Your Goals: 3 Science-Backed Strategies That Work

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