How to be more productive with Arianna Huffington’s 4 tips

Looking to increase your productivity? Want to avoid burnout? These tips from Ariana Huffington, co-founder of the health-focused start-up Thrive Global will help you get ahead while preserving your energy.

Huffington, who left The Huffington Post in 2016 to focus on her new company Thrive Global, is no stranger to what she dubs the “myth of entrepreneurism”. In 2007, after working 18-hour days building her news website, Huffington collapsed while on the phone checking emails. She woke up on the floor in a pool of blood with a cut above her eye and broken cheekbone.

”We need to change the way people think,” she says. “We have to catch up with science and modern times – but other advances came about too quickly in the past that resulted in the destruction of life and property. For example, we previously believed that the sun revolves around the earth and this lead to many shipwrecks. Silly us! We also see a lot of human wrecks among entrepreneurs nowadays!”

You can boost your productivity without burning out with these four tips from Huffington.


Getting enough rest is very important for entrepreneurs. As Huffington says, it’s necessary “to take time to sleep, recharge” so that you will be more effective as an entrepreneur the next day. While you do this, be sure that you aren’t just sleeping but also relaxing.

People tend to get a bad rap for being lazy when they are doing nothing more than resting because most of us associate sleeping with lying down in bed or somewhere enclosed and restricting our movements. 

Huffington isn’t the only one who thinks that technology and clothing can be improved upon. Sports clothing firm Under Armour recently began selling “Athlete Recovery Sleepwear,” which it claims promotes better sleep recovery, as part of its lineup of athletic gear. The bioceramics technology lining the inside of the pajamas is intended to help the body recover faster and promote better sleep.

“The connection between sleep and performance is very new and revolutionary,” Huffington said, explaining that her team of researchers had discovered the product during the conference.


Huffington wants you to keep your phone out of your bedroom. 

When you sleep with your cell phone, it’s harder to get a good night’s rest because you may be tempted to check your messages when there is a lull in the action. This can lead to spending less quality time with your loved ones because they are forced to compete against the glowing screen of the phone.

Bringing up an alarm app on our phones and setting them somewhere within our reach works just as well without all of the distractions!

Thrive Global, a media and health company sells a charging station for as much as $100. The device is able to charge eight phones at a time and two iPads.

Instead of buying an expensive bedside phone charging station, Huffington recommends it’s better to opt for an analog alternative or a smart clock that is compatible with Alexa to set an alarm.

The phone is often referred to as a gateway to the internet and with it comes the potential to lose track of time while using it. 


Huffington says eating a healthy breakfast is a good first step, but even more important is taking your time with it.

Our partnership with Pepsi involves restoring joy to the morning because a lot of people rush through their mornings and start their day in a breathless state of stress.

A partnership between Thrive Global and Quaker Oats Company announced back in November, is scheduled to feature branded content about the benefits of reducing stress and having a nutritious breakfast in the morning.

Rather than rushing through breakfast or skipping it altogether, Huffington suggests eating well and empowering yourself first thing in the morning.


Huffington recommends taking breaks throughout the day. Especially during meals.

She recommends that you go to the cafeteria with a colleague or find a table away from your desk in the office to eat lunch. Even if you take 20 minutes to do that, it’s more recharging than eating lunch while working, as so many people do.”

Huffington notes that taking breaks or “pauses” is essential for increased productivity and to maintain a low-stress level.

The rest of your day just gets better when you do that, says she.