How to find your person on dating apps

A believer of the thought – ” It isn’t about swiping , it is about finding the right person” , Christina Wallace shares her experience of how she invented the “zero date ” idea and proved that online dating works too.

Well, finding people beyond one’s own circle is the only good thing only dating does . Rest , be it chemistry , anger issues or anything else , it always managed to be a bad experience.

All that one needs for a successful relationship is far different from what all detailed are available on the online dating sites .

With these ideas in her mind , she invented 0th date concept i.e 1 drink per hour accompanied with one question . This really worked , and helped her decide how to go about it further .

And that’s probably the best way to make online dating successful – making it offline as soon as possible.

Thus she proved , ” Online dating doesn’t suck always “.



How to find your person on dating apps

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