How to Make More Money on YouTube by Diversifying Your Brand with Roberto Blake

ROBERTO BLAKE: They literally you’re trying to fast forward and flick their other content on their audience in the sense of that is not what people came here for with the expectation of and you have to kind of honor the promises you make.

ANNOUNCER: Diversifying your platforms isn’t about like leaving YouTube it’s just making sure that you can survive some of the ups and downs. I think the important point to isolate here is building a brand.

When you build a brand you can transfer that brand anywhere and this is why it’s important when you’re creating your content, not just the thing about the value you’re giving to people but you’re always creating a brand.

So how is it that you’re going to set yourself apart because no matter what you can go from YouTube, the Facebook, the Instagram you can start a profile in LinkedIn and then people going to know you for this one thing and that brand is going to be able to survive beyond any kind of new platforms.

And it’s really important to a bill that brand every single day that you upload content because that is what’s going to build the relationship people have with you that builds a trust that creates the opportunities.

ROBERTO BLAKE: Actually I want to use you and Judy as an example.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you.

ROBERT BLOKE: You guys diversified your platform and created vehicles for different aspects of your life in your personalities which is well lot of people are reluctant to do. They tried to force every variation of themselves down the audience’s throat on a single platform in a single channel.

You know when your wife Judy wants to explore different aspects of herself and the life that you guys have built. You guys built multiple channels they have all been successful. And even you teamed up with your friend Sean our good friend Sean Kennel and you decide that you want to share the secrets of that success with the community.

You didn’t want to hoard it but you knew that your current main channels were not a good vehicle for that message and for that value proposition. You didn’t try to you know force ice cream into a spaghetti shop which is smart you know.

And but you have people who very — and I don’t think they do it on purpose but they literally are trying to fast forward and flick their other content on their audience in the sense of that is not what people came here for with the expectation of and just because you want to express that you have to respect that maybe the audience doesn’t want to consume that in this place at this time because you set an expectation for them.

And you have to kind of honor the promises you made. But the good news is you don’t have to be trapped you just have to have the humility to realize that you can build another platform or another channel from zero and it’s not supposed to be some crucible.

It’s supposed to be an opportunity. It’s not a punishment the algorithm and the audience aren’t punishing you and saying stay in your lane kiddo it can feel that way but it’s only if you choose to look at the glass half empty instead of saying you know I’m only in competition with myself and that’s fine and I can build this other thing and it gives me the ability to say hey if I want to focus on something else right now.

I have a place for that. I have somewhere I can go. I can beat this today and because we’re human beings were multi-faceted. The other good thing is from a diversity of revenue standpoint not every nation everything that you love and care about is a good vehicle for monetization opportunities.

There are some types of content that frankly aren’t very advertiser friendly or even if they are the CPMs are extraordinarily low or maybe that he is competitive but you love that thing. The good news is there might be something that you love as well maybe a little less and maybe it’s not as sexy but it’s a really needs community but maybe it’s a more affluent needs community and maybe has more monetization opportunities.

So that’s something to think about is the fact that by diversifying your brand you and the by diversifying your platforms there are more opportunities to make money. There are new opportunities to make money within your brand in proportion to the number of vehicles that you might have. And how those might align with different audience’s different brands and different revenue streams.

And I think that to ignore that, again if you’re a beginner you’ll have to do everything at once and no you don’t start three channels and you don’t do every social media platform. But as you grow or even as you grow into yourself, explore these other things and also give them and the audience the respect of saying if this is for a completely different group of people that doesn’t really overlap with this thing.

I’m going to set it aside and I’m going to make its own thing. I’m going to make its own sub brand and I’m going to act like a media company. I’m going to have these different vehicles and different platforms that serve different people and I’m going to do it and I’m going to meet my audience halfway.



How to Make More Money on YouTube by Diversifying Your Brand with Roberto Blake

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