How to Market Yourself and Your Business On Social Media. Many Entrepreneurs and Influencers Struggle to Sell to an Audience and part of it is not understanding Sales and Marketing. Whether you are marketing yourself to Build a Personal Brand or you want to sell to your audience on social media to make money online, you need to understand how to convert your traffic into a transaction.



ROBERT BLAKE: Hey, everybody, this is Roberto Blake, helping you create something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. Today, I want to talk to you about sales and marketing and I want to really explain the difference between the two.

And I’m going to try and really simplify this so that I can help you make money online, grow your online business, or even as an influencer even if you’re content creator, this might be really helpful for you to understand, we’re really going to focus on two key things.

If you understand the difference between sales and marketing, what I refer to them as our transactions and traffic. Sales are transactions, that’s kind of the goal of sales is to do more transactions. How can we get more customers to buy our products or services?

There’s a transaction taking place. That is what sales actually are. And the goal of marketing is to generate traffic in the service of getting those transactions in the service of getting sales. But marketing’s also supposed to address the barriers to sales.

We can’t buy from people that we don’t know, we don’t like, and we don’t trust, and marketing is communication. It is content and traffic and all these efforts in the service of making it easier for people to do a transaction, and part of that is building that know, like and trust factor.

Whether it’s building a personal brand online with social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Byte, LinkedIn, whatever it is, or even if it is generating traffic so you can grow in email list.

All of this is eventually in service of some type of transaction it may not always be money. We usually think of transactions as money and as sales but it can be a number of things. But the point is that ultimately, whatever it is that you expect to get in terms of value is going to be harder if you don’t have a predictable traffic source.

And so part of what I try to teach you guys here on the YouTube channel and through my content and my blog post and everything else is to understand effective methods for one, closing sales and making those transactions happen but also accumulating the traffic that you need in order to make them possible in the first place.

And so that’s why we do inbound marketing, that’s why we do email marketing, that’s why we do social media, is that we’re trying to help establish our credibility with an audience, we want to build and grow that community, we want to establish trust with people and we want to filter for people who like what we have to say, like the way that we produce our content, are getting results from it, enjoy the content of it’s entertaining enough and that’s what they came for.

And then hopefully if you’re an entertainer, you want traffic as an entertainer because maybe you’re not doing online business so maybe you’re not going to able to sell a course or a download or a fitness thing, right?

You’re not going to be able to do that. So for those of you who do entertainment-based content, the value of your traffic still has to do with a transaction. You really should not be thinking about the clout of just getting more Tik Tok followers just to do it.

It’s going to be a transaction and if it’s not a transaction for you, then it’s a transaction for the sponsor that is paying you.

Now, ways that you guys can monetize, we’ll talk about this more in the channel because we talk a lot about online business and obviously how to make money online content is really the core focus of the channel, but the reason we cover YouTube tips and Instagram and LinkedIn and all these things is because this is the traffic that is going to grow your online business.

So if you’re an entertainer, this is the valuable to you because guess what, you can sell your merchandise, you can sell T. shirts and Hoodies or you can work with the brand and you can help promote their product because they’re looking for sales, they’re looking for transactions, even when you were doing sponsored content.

I actually have dedicated video about how to get more rain deals and sponsors? You can check it out in the description down below for info card up here. The thing with that is those sponsors those brands, they’re looking for some of your traffic to convert to their landing page and that is what they’re measuring. And ideally, that turns into a transaction, a sale.

Now, it’s not your responsibility for that sale to take place; it’s ideal. Sometimes they work that into the contract, but the reality is if they’re landing page sucks, that’s not your fault. If the product is not you know of the right value, that’s not your fault.

The alignment and making sure that the audience is a right fit for the product, that’s a conversation that you and the brand need to have, and you need to be some you know you would have some self-awareness and you have to have some understanding of what your audience will involve by and that’s where a lot of people fall off.

Here’s the good news, you can, again, sell your own products. Not everyone’s going to build online courses. That’s fine. Not everyone is going to be like you know a fitness instructor or a yoga instructor or socially a marketer.

So online courses on a product for everybody, but something most people can probably do are making a cool T. shirt and Hoodie and sell that to their audience. Oh, by the way if you guys didn’t notice, do you have New Merch. We have got the Hustle Hoodie and T-shirts, we even have Tank Tops if your workouts fiend.

I’m getting back into the gym myself, and of course we have the Creator Hoodie for all of our content creators. So those are linked down below in the description and in the YouTube Merch Shelf. You want check it out, it does support the channel.

Oh, by the way, what I just did is a totally teachable moment. You absolutely can do exactly what I just did and that means that the traffic you help the people you have watching your video, just were directed to go do what’s called a call to action, and that could drive a transaction from that traffic you already have.

And see, this is the point, and this is why you don’t have to be a large influencer, or you don’t need a ton of traffic for your online business. You just need to cultivate people that are willing to buy from you and that also appreciate the message you have.

We have to get traffic in order to get a transaction. You really can’t do it any other way. Some people buy that traffic in the form of online advertising, and then a lot of people like me love the free traffic because they’re cheap and frugal at hand why spend money when you can get it for free?

But in all seriousness, online advertising, paid advertising is something I do in my business. I’m doing a lot more of it this year. And it’s something I’ve been thinking about making a video about, so if you guys want know about how to do paid ads, let me know in the comments section, and I’ll try to and answer those questions in a video.

One last thing I really want to hit on is the importance of SEO Search Engine Optimization. It is not dead. I keep hearing people tell me that SEO is dead and it doesn’t matter, and in YouTube, a lot of people, they don’t want search engine traffic, they want suggested, they want the algorithm to push them, and while that can be very good if you’re a performer or an entertainer and you want to reach a casual audience and it’s probably valuable to you if you want to go viral.

The reality is that less than one percent of all videos on the platform ever go viral. It almost never happens for anybody, and the reality is that if you are a smaller channel, if you’re smaller influencer, you’re going to dramatically benefit from search traffic more than anything else.

And if you’re trying to sell anything, whether it’s through affiliate marketing so you can make money online, whether it’s your digital product sales, if it’s anything that’s more intentional, search is going to always be valuable to you not only in YouTube, but the fact that YouTube videos rank you in Google as well.

And the fact that a lot of people should still be blogging, it’s not dead and they could benefit from doing top 10 list and they could benefit from doing search-friendly content and how to guides or even buyers guides and buyers list and product reviews.

Product reviews, buyer’s guides, and top ten lists are highly under-rated when it comes to both Google and YouTube, and the benefits you get from them the search engine, and for those of you trying to do affiliate marketing, it is a financial gold mine for you.

It is a fortune waiting to be made for people who are good enough to do it very well, and build credibility when an audience over a long period of time. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not overnight success, but it is compound interest in its own way.

If you’re into the idea of doing some of affiliate marketing, I do you have a really good video for you as a beginner they should check out. I am going to link to it down below in description and a few other how to make money online videos will be linked down below for you.

So yeah, I hope you guys now understand the difference between sales and marketing or as I refer to it, you know transactions and traffic, and I hope to give you just a better perspective on how making money online works and why it’s important for you to build traffic, grow in a platform.

But then also have a vehicle that allows you to make money from it in terms of the transaction rather than just relying on passive income from things like ad revenue. I think that you should really think about what are transactions that your audiences are willing to buy into? And how can you present that in a way that’s meaningful and helpful to them?

And that’s what will actually help you grow your online business, whether you’re selling them a direct product, whether you’re an entertainer pushing your Merch or working for a brand, whether you want to do affiliate marketing or any of it at all hopefully all of it, this will be beneficial to you.

Question of the day: What do you want to know about making money online?

This is going to influence a lot of my content going forward, the feedback from you guys. Making direct videos off of even a single comment is something I want to do more of. So just let me know, hit me up in the comments section.

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