How to Mix Work And Life

Are you an entrepreneur with a family? Do you want to run a business and still have a personal life? You need to learn how to find a work life mix. Take it from me! I had no work life mix and I almost lost my business AND my family! Work life balance as an entrepreneur doesn’t exist! You have to learn to mix the two or else you will start to neglect one and it will fall apart.


BEDROS KEUILIAN: Married, kids, business and then trying to find my own time, in my own identity again and I realize man I am white not going through life I’m having a hard time holding it together, and things got very stressful, very quick.

It was a struggle man because think about this, at first, it’s just Kristoff and then you meet a woman there, like all my Gosh. I’m in love with you, you got to marry me, got to be my wife. So for a long while, there’s just probably you’re going to cool places.

There’s you can be spontaneous, right? like hey, let’s go see a movie, let’s go eat this, will catch a plane and take a trip somewhere to take the car ride to another state and all of a sudden you’re like, Hey what do you say we start a family.

And then now you bring in a baby. And then you’re starting a business, while holding a day job. That looks at the complications that arise. And all the sudden, if we don’t mind our peace accuse very quickly. Your business becomes this other woman as far as your wife is concerned. And then you spend so much time is I’m not saying you are but you could be spending so much time podcasting in doing this stuff.

Then Start to collect your kid and all this and you feel guilt and then you’re with your child, but you’re mentally at work and that’s typically what ends up happening and that’s what happened to me. Married, kids, business and then trying to find my own time and my own identity again, and I realize man I am white not going through life.

I’m having a hard time holding it together and things got very stressful, very quick, guilt settled then. Because I wasn’t seeing my family, I was making some bad financial decisions in the business. Try to take short cuts, so what I’m very quickly realizes, there’s never going to be a work life balance, but there is going to be a work life mix and what if I can get my wife into the business.

Now she’s not going to be jealous of the business, because she’s part of it. So today she’s our CFO for fit body boot camp ironically and I’m in my own office here in our building. But in our on that side of the building the south side of the building my fourteen year old son is being customer support tickets.

And I don’t know if you heard me, but I told my daughter, I’m like Hey honey you could stay in this room. Where you can go in the other room and hang out over there. But that was the whole family is involved. And when you’re doing that, now I can have a work life make. Sometimes I want a speaking gig and I’ll take my son or daughter with me and I found.

I’m speaking in New York will spend a day or two exploring New York and that’s what needs to happen if you’re trying to get a sense of if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re trying to create a side hustle, you better figure out how to make a mix because you’re never going to find a balance.



How to Mix Work And Life

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