How to Motivate Yourself Out of Rock Bottom

The saddest journey of life happened when the real life ‘ Wolf of Wall street’-  Jordan disclosed to his kids that he had made a mistake and he had to go away to jail for it . The flashback of how terribly his kids started crying then still gives him Goosebumps. However, the only thing which kept him going in these dark times was his kids and his unconditional love for them , and the fact that he wanted to prove to his kids that their dad can do it right.

‘A vision that inspires you and makes up jump out of bed’ is the first thing that keeps one motivated throughout and a proper strategy can’t complement it any better! His real-life incidence of selling ice-creams in scorching heat and making large amount of money by selling about four coolers instead of stopping after one, made him realise that it’s all about having a match between your standards and your vision.

‘The darkest hours of life teach the most beautiful lessons’, and Jordan completely proved it !



How to Motivate Yourself Out of Rock Bottom

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