How to stop screwing yourself over?

Someone once said, “When you’re in a deep hole, the first step in getting out of that hole is to stop digging. “If you feel dissatisfied or stuck in your life, it is a signal that one of your most basic needs are not being met.” Life changing when you take action on what Mel is saying. This is one of my favorite Ted Talks. I wish i could like it multiple times

Mel Robbins is a very influential and inspiring woman. She’s been featured on several major websites, such as Oprah’s website and has a great book called “The 5 Second Rule”. Her book focuses on how someone can change their lives by doing things in 5 seconds. However, when the book is actually read it is more than just a 5 second rule, as she talks about how someone can overcome their fears and change themselves for the better. Robbins has also been featured on many podcasts and television shows such as TED Talk and the Today Show. All things considered, Mel Robbins is a very influential woman and her speeches are extremely inspirational