I’m Not Making Enough Money

You need to create generational wealth. Create passive income and have multiple streams that bring you money. You can never have enough! The amount of people you can help, and the different causes you can donate to, is unending. You can never give back too much. The money I’m making is not enough! I need to help more people! I need to set my family up for success! I need more freedom! I need to make sure that I make the most of this life by helping as many people as I can! Don’t play the victim and think that YOU can’t do it. You are in control and if you have a dream or goal, YOU are the only person that can make that happen!


BEDROS KEUILIAN: And that’s the reality of it. So I said even though you’re blue collar, I need you to think white collar. And he goes okay I will. So I say don’t take pride in thinking blue collar, and there some badge of honor and that there isn’t think white collar.

I think even forget about white collar. Just a passive income multiple income streams creating more wealth generational wealth so that your kids and their kids and their kids can donate the causes that they believe it.

The running joke was I was the Bedros keuilian since of the smallest in the family. My dad had figured out the grocery stores, had dumpsters behind them. And they threw away food that was expired. And if it’s expired you can’t sell it.

And so my job was to go into the dumpster and fish out the bread this expired in the milk, in the cheese and lettuce that’s been bruised. And if you peel away enough the lettuce leaves, you actually find a nice healthy green head of lettuce under there. At one of my biggest wishes was I’m also that oops baby.

So my brother is 14 years older than me and my sister 16 years older. So you know my parents are old can considering I’m forty five there eight late eighties, right? So my dad had me in his early forties.

And it’s not like he was a forty year old of today. Like athletic and what not just the stress case in over eight. And you know whatever so I always wanted him to live long enough, where I could treat him. And think what I’ve been able to buy paying off his house and you know I got a driver — driver names Hugo drives around everywhere now.

And they got whatever trips they want it, whatever they want and it’s been just a real great experience. We would treat my mom and dad and actually my brother family sisters families while. Because really my brother sister raised me almost like a second set of mom and dad.

AUDIENCE: If you will the worst thing is a parent is to feel helpless, to protect your children or to put your children in situation that, you know you can’t fix or to see them suffer and her and so that must have been you know just very challenging for your parents

BEDROS KEUILIAN: Absolutely I mean. They saw us get bullied, they saw my brother get, you know kicked out of jobs. Because he can speak well, you know today you can’t do that, right? But back in the 80’s you know there was an all this employment law and so.

AUDIENCE: It was the Wild West out.

BEDROS KEUILIAN: It really wide stress the old age where they say you know how you eat an elephant and it’s a big elephant. What you eat one by the time. We’ve all heard that but now you just need to do one more things.

Okay my goal is to eat that often, and it is to eat one bite at a time. Then you one more thing and that are to set a deadline. And by this date that elephant will be gone and if you could just keep your eye on this the prize, which is the elephant.

Know how to break it down to the reef reduce it down to the ridiculous, which is the one bite at a time, and then have a deadline when the last fight will go in your mouth. You will achieve every goal in life.

Actually about four years ago, I was sitting at a Starbucks. And you had the story’s going to resonate with your audience, who think that too much money might be bad or why you always chasing money. And this might explain it. I was sitting at a Starbucks, and might my son and daughter go to a private school.

And there’s a dad who drops his kids off the private school. And he springs by that same Starbucks some city this route Starbucks having coffee them and go work out.

The dad pulls up this guy, will just call him Bob. I don’t want to mention his name come Bob. And he says, Hey betas, I just son Inc magazine you know hit the English for the second year in a row.

Gosh! You work so hard. You’re always traveling. Betas ones enough and I just froze. And as a, well he’s like well. I got a Grammy coffee see you later. And I know he felt like you see.

I showed him like, and I realized after the fact, that women want enough like, we donate to strider children’s hospital, toys for toys, compassion international three kids based charity, shall be shared these. Are there enough left palates we can fix this? Enough burn victims that we can help are there enough kids. And in different countries who need our help.

It’s not enough and I that’s what I should have told him. it’s not enough until every single child has a Christmas gift, and all their medical needs are taken care of, and every single child has been put through education has food in their stomach. It’s not enough.

But in that moment I really did feel like, maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I’m just locked onto money for L.desires. When in reality it’s not going to be enough because we always underestimate how much we’re going to need.

Especially not only for the might our families, that we want to help. Money also helps we send my kids to private school, money also helps me help the causes that I believe, and so you don’t realize how much money you’ll need? Until you need it and it’s too late.

And I love this country. And I would repeat it all again all the abuse that we had and all the bowling that I got through here being called a foreigner. Go back your own and country. I would deal with all that again but when you deal with that you have a chip on your shoulder between what happened in Armenia and then the bowling that took place here.

You don’t have to give up. And you know what when I think about the in the home invasion robberies. The carjacking of people that running away from the police helicopter which I wasn’t able to us got caught. So don’t ever try during the flight you know California is known for the high speed.

Yeah, it is I was one of those idiots a tried and it didn’t work. But the bottom line is what happened to me as a kid is how that manifested? Because I didn’t take the time, and no one took the time to go, Hey, let’s seek some therapy which is. Let’s not talk about it ever happening and hopefully it goes away.

It’s always going to show up in some fashion. Whether it’s through self-sabotage or you end up being a boyor a predator some sort whatever it is. It’s going to show up. I really believe everything that happens is by design all levels of success. Only happen through a series of failures and through a series of adversity.

It’s so interesting, that people are willing to change things about themselves it’s visually evidence like, well I want to get rid of my belly, and I want a six pack, and I want to build my arms up, and I want to build my legs up, my booty etc., so we’ll go to the gym and will work out and will eat right because we can see the physical changes.

We are willing to put our body, through adversity. That’s what happens when you’re burning, your muscles are burning, you’re sweating, and it’s uncomfortable. You don’t want to be there you’re sore the next three days, but you will go again. Because you see the physical changes that are positive.

We forget to lift the emotional weights. We forget to lift the mental toughness weights. We forget to lift the entrepreneurial muscle weight. Those are muscles that you can’t see, but the mental emotional entrepreneurial relationship muscles all those muscles must be exercise as well.

And those are exercised through suffering, through struggle, through adversity, that has come your way anyone who’s gone down some path of bankruptcy of divorce of disease, near death, that crime. Whatever it is you can bounce back, but today you have to make the choice to not be a victim and be the big door.

20 years ago I was 25 just trying to figure my way through three jobs. I was a part time personal trainer trying to become a full time personal trainer. So I worked at Disneyland as a fry cook and at a gay bar as a bouncer because they paid more. People go why gay bars will get bar paid more, and I later found out why?

On my second week, it being working at the gay bar, I realized the skinheads would come to gay bash. And they would wait in the parking lot. And our job is bouncers were to make sure that the patrons made it to their cars and no one got violent. And so of course there is a higher hourly pay for that.

So as you can imagine I didn’t want to get too many fights off like desperate to get more clients. So I can quit that job in a fry cook job at Disneyland. So Jim Franco was one of my small handfuls of clients, personal training clients. And in between his work out sessions, I would ask him questions about business.

And soon he realized that, I was curious about opening up my own personal training studio. So he started bringing the cassette tapes like Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins. And before long I was learning salesmanship in marketing and communication persuasion. And English being a second language for me.

And having to fight through losing my accent you know communication was not easy for me. And so for me to learn to sell and market is all communications transfer into feelings. The one thing I hang on to all the time is Rodney Dangerfield.


BEDROS KEUILIAN: So I heard he was a cab driver. And it wasn’t until he was almost 50 was like nine 48 or 49 years old that he decides. You know I’ve always wanted comedy. And I’m going to be a comedian one day. And believe it or not, I do have a pretty good sense of humor.

I do have good comedic timing. Everyone around me says so when I decide to go become funny. At one of the things, I don’t talk about much is my desire to be a comedian one day. and so you know I hang on to the dream of Rodney Dangerfield because of he did it in his late you know Forties and became someone really awesome and amazing certainly I feel I could, if one man, can do it so can another.

AUDIENCE:  You know what is your own definition, your own version of the American dream what does it mean to you?

BEDROS KEUILIAN: You know, if I could just put one word to it would be freedom there and it would be freedom which is what are our country stands for here and freedom by way of financial freedom. Freedom by way of mental freedom.

In other words, I have a friend Wets Watson, who was imprisoned for 10 years; he just got out two years ago. He is as; he says that the world’s most famous fell in on you tube. Because he just put out videos for free, teaching about, how not to going to prison both behind bars and prison here.

So you know freedom in every capacity, mental freedom, emotional freedom, free health freedom, time freedom. Like that is the American dream at the end of the day, you know if you do the math you treat your body right.

You stay positive and optimistic. You’re probably going to have a 100 year run on this planet. There’s so much to experience. so much to do, so much to contribute to and I want the freedom to be able to experience that, contribute to that, race to kids who are going to leave this planet better than I found it. Better than they found it.

Hopefully they’ll raise each two or three more kids, and I want that freedom for. And I found that money is the vehicle to that freedom. That’s just the facts in a materialistic a full circle back to money. Money is a vehicle that, freedom because money allows me to buy back my time to pour into my kids.

Give them the experiences that I didn’t have. Let them meet people of different cultures, different ethnicities, and different accents. And now they have been to dozens of countries in there so sophisticated.

I’m in awe of them, in a God forbid if I was to get hit by a truck today. But I know my kids will be better off and leave this country better than I found it. And that to me is a freedom.

And it just gives me a great sense of peace of mind. But being a member grant bring afforded to this country, I had to do a lot of working in trucks. You know empty in trucks and working at gas stations and working in a hot oven in a pizzeria.

And you know you soon begin to take a friend of mine. His name is John, he still has his ball cap, and they need to tear off his head. It says the Blue collar hustle. Like don’t take pride in being blue collar, if you have a blue collar job and you love doing it great.

But you know that you could do something else on the side, on the internet. There’s some value some service a problem you can solve the can make you your family more money.

You don’t have to suffer a long and so many people believe that there’s some kind of, what’s the word I’m looking for, some kind of mass recognition or pride, in using the shovel in the trench.

And my whole thing is, if you can be the person who can teach me, how to use the shovel and sell me a better quality shovel you will make more money selling the shovel the never using the shovel.



I’m Not Making Enough Money

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