Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends, Here’s Why…

Tips for lonely people! 1. Turn on the TV, so it feels like other people are around 2. A pet would be great! 3. Dinner for two, means no cooking for lunch tomorrow, woohoo! 4. Find a nice hang out spot. Whether it’s the branch of a tree, or a cozy, low wall, having your own space feels good. 5. Try decorating, spice things up a bit. After all, who wants a blank and boring space? Feels good to live a bit colorful! 6. Make fake accounts to talk to yourself in social media. It’s rather pleasant to text someone with much fervour! 7. You can do so much. Try new things. Discover your hidden talents! From experiments to paintings, you can never get bored! 8. Night skies are always a sight for sore eyes. The world is thrilling. 9. Build yourself a nice fort with blankets and pillows, and snuggle in with your computer. Tune in good movies. Ah, the comfort! Get a good bedfellow, maybe? 10. But is it always that fun to be alone? Take your time, but soon, it does get hard. Visit your family, or make new friends. Take chances. No matter how hard it is, let’s step up. Do it for yourself, it feels empty, to have no one



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