Jack Ma All time 3 Rules

He is the co-founder and former executive chair of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. Even though he retired from the active business. He will be ever inspiring for any startup

JACK MA, CO-FOUNDER AND FORMER EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN OF ALIBABA: We faced a lot of challenges but I’m sure Alibaba is going to facing more challenges. We worry every day. When I was young when company was young we thought well, what if when Alibaba had become that big my life would be easier.

Then now the company is that the bigger the company the more problems I have so why you’re still a small company in Jordan? You will never experience the happenings of operating a small company. And in live we got to be too big you have so many headaches so many things happening. And people say Jack you know there are a lot of books about you but there’s none of the books I write myself. If there’s one book I want to write in the future is called Alibaba when found one mistake.

We made a so many mistakes. We had so many troubles. Believing are not China Tuneup E-Commerce Company. Tuneup our internet related company no internet connection at the time. No credit cards, no deliver system. It’s so we make progress all the time. It’s not easy but we tell ourselves. We will be successful until we make ten thousand mistakes.

We’ll be successful if we surviving any crisis so when crisis came we know it’s a challenge. Everybody started too united. We solve the challenges that we complain each other before we solve the problem of the crisis we should not complain.

I have a problem in HR, I have a problem in financing I have a problem in technology I have a problem everywhere. Tell me so that’s why I become a mentor in entrepreneurs a program in China. Lot of entrepreneurs have question when I listen to their questions, oh my God, I have this problem too.

So I would say we have gone through almost — more than 90 percent of the problems that any entrepreneurs have met. This is what if you — at the end of the day I’m going to tell my kids my grandchildren. It’s not the same with you proud we made Alibaba. It’s so many mistakes that we overcome, so many challenges we experience that make me feel proud. Life is bad experience.

We never complain we make other people complain. We’ll make our competitors complain whenever cry because if cry can solve the problems. I guess what no problem we make competitors cry. We make those people who do not believe our dreams cry. In my apartment where we start 18 founders and we aim high we have a dream.

We say we want to make become the top ten internet companies or websites in the world. Guys at that time we are ranking several million name but we always will be number ten or at the top ten of the world. 19 years past today we are the top ten websites internet companies in the world.

So when you become an entrepreneurs don’t worry about a competitor’s, don’t worry about mistakes, and don’t worry about the challenges. Go through that that’s the great farm part of your business of your experience and then you got courage, you got wisdom, and you got a team follow you.