Jeff Bezos’s Top 10 Rules For Success

This video gives a real edification to the businessmen who ought to start their career. This video is the edited and combined set of ideas from Founder and CEO of who is the third wealthiest person in the world, Jeff Bezos, the worth full word pearls for all businessmen stated down

Take bold bets: Taking risk is the inceptive step of any successive achievement according to Jeff. Many failures can attack you, but it doesn’t matter until you continue to experiment than desperate by the failures.

Step ferociously: the further step he mentions is that “All big things start small”. Any businessmen should never fear from starting it little and simple. Success is a step by step process, he says and also skipping a step may risk their success. Never fear for being behind the people fear for the process to be clear.

Earn good reputation: Earning reputation is the most important aspect of any firm than earning money says Jeff which is undeniable fact. Reputation is hard to earn and once earned it stays longer than we could imagine. The stature of reputation cannot be purchased it is something that comes naturally from the consumers.

Take action:  These words from Jeff are really deep and very well connecting to all. He says that Stress comes from not taking action over something that we know we can control. Stress in a person may occur in various situations but mostly it comes in a situation where a person has to act numb from taking action to address the situation. Take action and work.

Find work life harmony:  Happy exuberant people always are to be chosen as they are connected towards their work around miserable people who work for the money and time and do not put themselves for the success. Harmony is important in the workspace than creating balance. A happy person in work will never be unhappy in home.

Execute your idea: Combination of stubborn and flexibility and choose to be which according to the situation change.

Have role models: Have an inspiration for life, author, actor, inventors, creators, father, mother or anyone who makes us keep going. The inspiration from successful people is the fuel for the fire of success in the businessmen.

Do what you love: Loving career will always be extra effective.

Be a team player: Big efforts come out when you work not as a boss, but as a team, even the smallest scale should have a team.

Think long term: Never commit yourself for a short term success think big. Imagine your successive years not months.

These 10 points is a definite keep in mind for every startup people. Hard work with mere dedication and real vision of what you want to achieve and creating a harmonious team and a happy workplace will lead to success for sure.  Never fear your career start it with his words as your guide.



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