Last-mile delivery operation is now easier to manage

There are a lot of services in the Last-mile Delivery industry with the lack of automation. Most of them are working inefficiently. Onro is developed to make them more efficient, scalable, and automated. One of the other key problems that it solves is to reduce the costs of delivery companies. It is a software as a service that provides a white-label solution for all types of last-mile delivery services. They enables companies to power their deliveries and services using all-in-one software without developing software from zero. The main challenge of this solution is that because the number of components to which the customer brand must be applied is large, it has a complex process. Onro has solved it.

Their vision is for all last-mile delivery companies in the world to use it for their processes. For this purpose, Onro is very dynamically developed and can cover different types of delivery companies