Mind controlled Car is ready!

Yes , this car is made by the research team of the Nankai University in Tianjin,China .Chinese car maker Great Wall Motor involved in this magic .It is worked on the base of sensors .A headset is fixed with the driver’s head and the sensors will be be activated .There are 16 sensors in the headset.

According to the signals send by the brain, the car’s operating system operates .How means ,First the sensors receive signal from the brain .Then it transmits the signal to the recognition system where it analyzes and translates them into driving instructions .Finally according to the instruction ,the car drives it’s way.

People watched its moving between front and back without steering wheel and accelerator .It is considered to be the first car of this type .

On speaking about this car ,Duan Feng ,who is an associate professor in this university says ,”The technology is quite mature, however, there is some room for improvement concerning the car’s electronics, which will make the vehicle more secure, intelligent, and user-friendly ” .He also said that this car is helpful for Disabled people .

Anyway a new technology is always appreciated and welcomed.



Mind controlled Car is ready!

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