MKBHD & Neil Tyson on AI vs. Machine Learning

The two terms in robotics that are confused very often – Artificial intelligence
and Machine learning are far different from each other. Artificial intelligence is
an ocean, while machine learning is a drop in the ocean. Machines learning
themselves, following a certain algorithm over a period of time, is what
Artificial Intelligence is all about while machine learning is something that can
be attained through practice. Features like Siri, are a part of machine learning,
which needs to be improved over a span of time.

Artificial intelligence is more about learning its own existence, and solving it all
itself. The host of the talk is of the opinion that distributed Artificial
Intelligence makes life easier, but however it would cost loss of jobs. But, on
the other hand, it would just cause the change in kind of jobs, which would
include optimizing robots and working on them.

The future would be ruled by robots and people would be paid only for their
being, and would probably come down at the bottom in the hierarchy.



MKBHD & Neil Tyson on AI vs. Machine Learning

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