New Avatar of Google glass is on the way

Just wait for the introduction of new avatar of Google glass .Yes , as per the report given by 9to5Google ,the second version of Google glass named as ‘ Enterprise Edition ‘ is going to be released in a never before design .This version focuses on working environment of an enterprise .

It is produced with a rugged design in order to act as a water proof device. It is made such that the buttons are located within a tighter environment for the sake of not permitting the water drops to enter into the device.

This product includes a large viewable Prism display for a better view than its previous version .Google has designed it in a way such that it purely fits in a workplace than on a runway. The device is composed with Intel atom processor .It also improved its battery life.

The previous version of Google glass is ’Explorer Edition’ which is more or less considered to be a failure model launched in 2013 as a beta. And the older version was priced for $1500 and was discontinued in earlier 2015. So Google might be more careful in reaching the new product to the public as a working capable device in a successful manner .Let us hope that Google glass will not repeat the same as its previous version.



New Avatar of Google glass is on the way

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