Prime your team for impact and success with Business Results Training

APEX knew that in order to grow, they needed to empower their team with the right knowledge and tools, and align them toward a clear shared mission. To do so, they brought over 60 of their top executives to Business Results Training, and made it a priority to invest in the culture of their leadership. APEX’s leadership left their training 100% aligned on their purpose and values. And now, these leaders have the energy and the knowledge to return home and add massive value to their teams.



MARIA VILLANUEVA: Hi, my name is Maria Villanueva. I’m the director of the People and Management Team from our company Apex.

PABLO MATA:  I am Pablo Mata from Guatemala. I am the General Manager of Jamaica, and what the model. We signed for the business was sold about training; we are big group 64 top executives. So we really want to be together the 60 of us. As a group, from the land, for these concepts, to actual you know what the fees and the actual outcomes. I think it’s going to be a very powerful exercise we’re all going to be able to have more impact.

MARIA VILLANUEVA: The business results training. The moment, we’ve been waiting. If the closure, you know because we’ve been seeing a lot of concepts. A lot of things are going to help us. But at the end, as a team, our leaders can get a chance, to do the conclusions. What is the best thing to do? And just keep on constructing the culture of our leadership.

I think that, we do believe in the power of being energetic and discipline. Well actually, the tools that we have at this moment help us to guarantee that the action plan, it’s going to move forward. And I need to be really clear about that. Because it’s a change of the mindset, it’s a new beginning of the leadership of a lot of people here.

So now we don’t that they only have the energy, they know how to go back, and to a value to their teams and to guarantee that we are starting a new business plan for the next year. And everything is going to be in the plan. So we are clearly sure, that it’s not only the airship mental to keep the ice for, how we are empowering our new there’s an absolutely makes a difference.

PABLO MATA: Well the session I think as a group. We had a break through where we realize that with RPM methodology. The purpose is extremely important. So we had a long discussion, about putting you know the purpose of base for in implementing the massive action plans. And be able to really a seek very soul. Business results training are the way to be able to with your team to really develop a plan and to implement all the tools and concepts learn and the business mastery.



Prime your team for impact and success with Business Results Training

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