Pruvo Slashes Hotel Rates By Tracking Price Drops

The idea behind Pruvo started 3 years ago, when Itai Marcipar CEO and Founder, planned his honeymoon. In the intent to get the best possible deal available for his hotel, he spent hours and hours comparing websites, setting up price alerts, monitoring prices daily. Finally, he booked the hotel he desired.  A few weeks later, Itai wanted to upgrade his room, so he re-entered the same platform he used to book the hotel.  He was astonished to see that the exact same room, for the exact same dates in the exact same platform was 35% less than what he paid!
He began to investigate this “phenomenon” and discovered that price drops from the moment you make a reservation till the moment you check in occur 40% of the time, and can reach up to 67% off the original hotel price.
Itai built the company on a ingenious business model that allows us to maintain our service free for users.  Instead of taking a percentage from the savings of the user, Itai opted for the Affiliate program model.  Basically, we are a service that refers people to 3rd party websites where we find the best deals.  These 3rd party websites pay us a commission after the user makes a new reservation and completes their stay.  So, we have every interest to fight hard for the customer and to find them the best deal available, and, the customer says “this is a no brainer” since we charge $0.
Our vision is to dominate the price tracking and optimization market with hotels and with all services that experience price drops after bookings (flights, car rentals, train tickets etc).