Ray Dalio on What coronavirus means for the global economy

4 driving forces of economy and wealth creation: 4:25, 1. Productivity: 4:43. Grows slowly, like 1-2-3% a year, but is very stable, 2. Short-term debt cycle: 5:19. Recession, expansions, booms, etc. Lasts about 18 years, 3. Long-term debt cycle: 5:29. Began in 1945, the new world order, 4. Politics: 6:19. Internal and external politics. Internal: how do we deal with wealth gap, how do we allocate resources. External: between countries, and rising powers dealing with existing powers. Question about Global Depression: 8:47. We are in a Depression, and likely, about to start a new world order. 14:00 Follow-up question about Depression, markets, etc, and if recovery will be in one year or not. 17:15 Question about comparisons to 2008 Recession. 20:10 Question about automation in various industries and the market.