Depression – Recover out loud

Sharing her rollercoaster journey , that went up and down very often , Tara Conner elaborates on
different phases of her life , from being Miss USA 2006 to getting the title of Mess USA.
Surviving from incest, witnessing a bad relationship , getting addicted to alcohol , life could not be more
harsh to her, and the add to it, Almighty took her dad too!

Depressed with life, when she joined a cheer leading trip, the only thing she could relate to was the
chaotic scenario in the room.

Hope never dies, she decided to throw alcohol out of her life. The ultimate thing that matters is one’s
perspective towards life , it's never too late to realise your mistake.
Focusing on the remedies of alcohol addiction, she elaborates on the importance of prevention
programs and how badly does the society needs to accept it without any guilt.
And as they say,

“Correction does much, encouragement does even more”.