Retailo, MENAP-based B2B startup

Retailo is considered the fastest growing B2B startup in MENAP and has transformed the businesses of retail outlets in the region. Founded by Talha Ansari (co-founder, Careem), Wahaj Ahmed (ex-Careem founding team) and Mohammad Nowkhaiz in July 2020. This success can be attributed to a diverse group of international investors, such as institutions from Silicon Valley, UK, and GCC and also high net worth investors that include individuals who prove to be reliable and trustworthy.

Among the B2B marketplaces of Menap, Retailo is the only player in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan providing warehousing solutions along with an FMCG wholesale marketplace.

Retailo’s goal is to serve as a connection between merchants and the highest quality products from around the world. With Retailo, companies will be able to develop effective supply chains, allowing them to reach their full potential. With their powerful app, motivated teams, and smart operations will facilitate the growth of Retailo and empower 10 million SME retailers in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf.