Second version of Earth

People generally denote their next and next inventions of a product as Version1.0, version 2.0 etc. But here, the NASA scientists have given a name as ‘EARTH 2.0’ for a planet found by Kepler mission on July, 2015 .It is also called as Kepler 452b .

In the year 2009, US space agency launched Kepler mission for searching exoplanets which are similar to the size of our earth. It is allowed to search outside of our solar system. This search results with the discovery of 12 exoplanet candidates on July 2015. And of the 12 candidates, only Kepler 452b is considered to be a planet.

It is considered to be Earth 2.0 which is because of some basic similarities it has as that of our earth .It revolves around a star at a distance similar to the distance of earth revolving around our sun. It takes 385 days to complete one year which is also similar to our Earth which takes 365 days for completing a year.

This Kepler 452b is 60% larger than our earth .This new discovered planet has a gravity of twice as that of our earth. Also Kepler 452b’s star is 1.5 billion years older, four percent more massive and 10 percent brighter than our sun .It is at a distance of 1400 light years from our earth .NASA has put $600mn for this project . Only after comparing these similarities, NASA scientists had decided to call it as EARTH 2.0.



Second version of Earth

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