How Millennials laugh online ?

Millennials don’t prefer to say LOL anymore. They are only going to keep mum and express “Ha Ha” instead of that. Yes, this is an information related with the Internet chats between the people around the world.

During a chatting session, for expressing a joy in response with a joke, people normally use the term “LOL”. LOL is an abbreviation of the term “Laugh out Loud”. Facebook company undergone an analysis to know ‘how people will express their laughter’ in Facebook. For that they made an array of user posts that deal with laughter and happiness.

The analysis found that around 51.4 percentage of users make use of the term “Ha Ha” while only 1.9 percentage of them use the term “LOL”. The second highest percentage of people use emoticons for expressing their laughter.

Hence it is found that “Ha Ha” is the trended term of this new generation while “LOL” becomes the old term and reserved to be used by the old internet people.



How Millennials laugh online ?

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