Social media channels today and best ways to market

Influencer Marketing, Its not just influencing! @ Innovspace. Yaag, Jayan and Reni.

RENI AUXILIYA P W, INNOVSPACE: Marketing health is different from one — if you take a health industry the marketing might be in a different way, the channels are different. If you take education industry it might be in a different way. The different channels are different. So if you can just list out all the marketing channels available both of you?

YAAGNESHWARAN GANESH, FIIND INC: What are things available? See ultimately it starts with whom you are targeting and where they are presenting? Social media can be one or online marketing in terms of ACQ, PPC usage then and then traditional media still exists at works and the biggest part if you can bring marriage utilities too — like say for example, the event that is happening here, it can related to back to social media and if we can make it measurable, then that’s one of way of looking at it.
Rather than looking at just sources, I would say look at marketing is more of how — it’s very close to reality our common sense. As long as we know where our audience is and what they are interested in? Am I hanging out in the places where my audience is? Then you find your sources. That’s the simplest way of getting it.

JAYAN NARAYANAN, TOSS THE COIN: The reason that I asked him to say is nothing different that I am going to say. So I thought I would say the same. Many times people right of traditional marketing, I read so many places, I am sure most of. I don’t think any kind of marketing where return off.
As long as we human beings do marketing, there is nothing like traditional marketing and digital marketing. Agents finding new channels to market I am hoping that some people will start using pigeons to market. I always use to think why not I write a small note about my product and allow it to fly. Hundred pigeons across the market let it go land somewhere.
People get excited and there is a message that’s coming from Dominos saying just you received a chit you get 25 percent discount. I mean, wow, I don’t like pizza but I want to go to Dominos.

AUXILIYA: But the problem is it will come back.

NARAYANAN: So we don’t know may be — somebody will take it. If it’s me I will look it for me. I thought along with this a pigeon is free. So you don’t care about it. The reason that I am saying this is I think we should be a risk taker first of all. And then look at all with you to go ahead and reach out to people.
The question all of us have in our mind is how do I reach out to my target? I have a product, I have a solution, and I want to reach out to my exact group, how do I do it? We all are breaking our heads, we all. I don’t think anybody can come any claim that I found my target bang on day one. The question is how do we go find out shoot in the dark?

AUXILIYA: Shoot in the dark!

NARAYANAN: Absolutely keep shooting, keep shooting, and keep shooting. Example, if you don’t mind, Can I?

AUXILIYA: Yeah, please.

GANESH: If you want to shoot in the dark, you have a data stencil here.

NARAYANAN: Oh! Yeah ok. So that’s where our — right? In fact, the reason why I am saying this is, we help organization to market their products and services are it anything, you bring anything we will not say no. We want to help you market that. We want market ourselves, how we do go and tell people look here come to us to help you marketing and we don’t know where to go?

We attend to the NASCO Marketing Event and we thought that is where all our marketing guys are going to come, we should go there and explore first time we are doing that. We go there and look around everybody is our competitor. There are hardly three or five people who can be a potential customer for us and like 25 people bouncing on those guys come to me, come to me and where am I going to be like that five feet four inches and not even seeing in front of those guys. There is a six footer who is just putting his hand and shaking his head I am like sir, can you please shake my hand sir please?

And that day we decided we are in the own place and the next time we wanted to go and approach, we decided we will go to an unconventional place like housing fare. Why not? And we said we will not jump into it immediately we need go for a technology fare. And we went to Digital Disruption Tsunami is the title of that event and all those guys who came there where CTO’s and CDO’s all of those technical guys. All of those who had the booth where 3D printers all kinds of Cloud App and all that and there was one marketing boot camp. They were like all wondering, what the hell are you guys doing here? That is where really I found how influencing it works?

Everybody wanted to find out and come and ask us, how did you come here? How can you commit this mistake? Was the first question, okay how did you guys come here when you must be in marketing event? I said no. I want you to go and tell your marketing guy that we are the right guys to do the marketing. I am here to tell you the marketing guy is doing something wrong and that’s how a conversation.

And you won’t believe I was just telling yeah, I mean, he was more curious about how it work for us? We had five strong leads from that event. Did I do a research saying that if I go to the — no? We just shot at the dark and you won’t believe 15,000 bunks for the booths. The moment we give the cheque we go wrote it off.

I told my partner we just going to have some fun, it’s in Hilton nice food. That’s all. No expectation. Zero expectation. One day go waste your time like this. And also waste little bit of money not all the money. Just waste shoot in the dark. Go to the local park, Race Course road stand there and start shouting about the clouds and skies.

Why not getting to a Cafe Coffee Day and gently go stand in the middle of that inside, hey guys how are you all doing? I would love to pay your bill today. If you agree to listen to 5 minutes of what I am going to speak, will you be first dare to do that? We won’t. But is there any option to do with it? Yes. Will a Cafe Coffee Day object?

Yes, after you finish the 5 minutes discussion because I won’t know what’s happening? You guys are talking, he will talk with Manager, and he will call his Bangalore Manager. Somebody is talking for 5 minutes so they are stopping.

By the time your speech is over and one fellow will come across and say, dude amazing. If you don’t sell your product, he will like to hire you. Personally you benefit.