Spike (formerly Hop) revolutionizes the way people email

Dvir Ben-Aroya’s taalk about Hop at the Noah Conference in Berlin

Further Taalking to  Dvir Ben-Aroya CEO of Spike (formerly Hop): We started Hop email to try and revolutionize the way people email and improve their communication needs. The problem we are trying to solve is to give businesses a tool to improve their communication needs and give them more time to focus on things that matter, rather than shuffling between multiple different communication platforms such as phones, emailing, SMS, etc

The key differentiator we are from other collaboration tools is that we are the only one that works on top of existing email accounts. While Slack is great for internal collaboration, it doesn’t eliminate the need to use email. That’s where Hop comes in because it gives users slack like capabilities for productivity within their email

The vision that drives us is to give our users the best possible platform for communication, that’s fully integrated with all the tools, services, and features they would need to conduct all daily tasks. We hope to be the ultimate platform for all needs, and users will not have to result in any other platform.

For more information Gethop.com



Spike (formerly Hop) revolutionizes the way people email

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