The Yaasa Adjustable Bed!

Introducing the Yaasa Adjustable, an adjustable bed that automatically adjusts your posi-tion for the ultimate in comfort, productivity, and support. With a wireless remote control your wellness is assured at the touch of a button, keeping you sleeping soundly, or perfectly adjusted for eating, reading, working, watching TV, or simply enjoying the ride. The Yaasa Adjustable bed improves your sleep and resting positions at the touch of a button. With its bespoke wirelesss remote console, the settings are infinite and made to perfectly adjust to your every need. Featuring customizable preset positions and whisper soft motor technology, this cutting-edge functionality not only supports your alignment and circulation, but also benefits your overall sleep and wake experiences.

“It’s not just about making products shippable and easy to assemble; it’s about adjusting to our customers’ lives in every way, and providing the possibilities of freedom. There’s no other bed designed like this, and withthe functionality to adjust to your day-to-night routine, we’re setting ourselves apart from any other products on the market.”–Johannes Sauer, CEO USA

Adjustability Delivered To Your Door
The Yaasa Adjustable bed is conveniently delivered right to your door, and can be assem-bled, and disassembled, within minutes. Once installed, you are in control of this stylish contouring platform that appears, by design, as though floating in space. The wooden platform provides a hygienic finish that the upholstered standard cannot compete with. With its wall-hugging feature the bed seamlessly moves keeping the space between the wall and your bed the same ensuring your bedside table is within easy reach, and life is as uninterrupted as possible.

The Yaasa Adjustable bed is easy to adapt to a variety of living spaces with hidden cable management, creating ample room for under base storage. With USB outlets on either side you can stay connected and still shut down. Your bed is transformed into the perfect productivity hub; improving every aspect of your life whether you’re sleeping, reading, working, playing, or simply dreaming. With a unique child lock protection system you can also rest easy knowing everyone is safe.

Yaasa designs world-class adjustable furniture that intuitively adapts to improve peoples’ lives. We deliver adjustability by design, and provide the luxury of comfort & wellness for all our customers’ individual needs. Yaasa products are perfectly engineered to adapt to your every need, and have the strength of innovation, style & precision.Our design language speaks to the movement of adjustability, balanced with the notion of time, communicating not only the functionality, but also the increased productivity in our customers’ lives 24/7.

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The Yaasa Adjustable Bed!

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