Top 10 Most expensive cars

This video features top 10 most expensive production cars in the world. Luxury and high-end cars are treasured by people across the globe, not only for the features that they offer but also for the class that they add to the lifestyle. Here’s a list of such cars that we have curated for you to go through.


This sports car would surely be in the list of people who are sports car fanatics. With years of research and development, SSC’s Tuatara is surely what you need to your car collection. Declared as one of the world’s fastest production, this car will also provide you with the world’s smoothest driving experience. Its simplistic yet classy design will surely leave you spell bound.


This hyper car will truly change the image of a sports car for you. With aerodynamic features like these, you will surely feel like you have reached another world. The exterior of this car will make everyone gaze at your car all the time. Experience the joy of travelling in a limited edition like this and you won’t regret that ever.


If you are among those who are crazy for cars with the highest speeds, then your search should end here. With carbon and aerodynamics, this car is designed to achieve the lowest possible drag.


With an audience of its own kind, ZENVO TS1 GT is one of the classiest hyper cars. Manufactured by Zenvo automotive, this car has all the features that one desires for. With a production of cars as less as five, the makers of this car believe in satisfying their clients to the fullest.


Built with extraordinary technology, Koeinigsegg Regera’s cutting edge battery power, makes the car feel so light to drive, that you would almost feel like you are flying in the air. With turbo V8 combustion engine and three electric motors, this car is built with some of the finest technological equipments.


For those who are really conscious about the vehicle’s performance, Koenigsegg Jesko is absolutely the perfect fit for you. This road legal car is all that you need to experience some of the finest journeys of your life.


This God-like car, is Aston Martin’s first hyper car ever, but the journey that it provides are alike the cars that have been riding for years. Focused on quality of the car, only a limited car pieces are crafted by the hands that curate perfection.


This edition of the Bugatti, will surely add a new edge to your belief about how a sports car should be. Be it the interior or the exterior, Bugatti’s Chiron Sport is an epitome of perfection in every possible way.


Recognized as ‘’The hyper car of the year in 2012”, Huayra is a mid-engine sports car that can conquer any of the racetracks. The splendid exterior and the classy interior of this car will make your eyes stick to it all the time. Built in limited edition, Pagani Huayra got sold out due to the extraordinary features that it offers.


This sports car is first of its kind since its powered by a V12 engine and technological innovations like never before. With extraordinary speed and mileage, this car glides as smoothly as possible. This car is surely one of the finest sports car ever.

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