Top 5 Startup Picks this Week

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We at taalk team have picked Top 5 promising Startups this week (Published on 23/4/2019).

1. UpMyInfluence

Influencer Agency | Authority Marketing

We help you own & grow your authority as an influencer in your space. Grow your social media audience and website traffic for better influencer marketing. We use our agency-level publicity tools to attract and expand your audience. You use your influence and authority to get higher sales, conversions, and partnership opportunities with influencers.

You use your influence to get higher sales, conversions, and opportunities.

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2. Teamrepo

TeamRepo is a new team collaboration app that helps you manage and organize your team’s projects, documents and communication in one workspace. TeamRepo has all the tools your team needs in one place to collaborate better and get more done, faster.

– Move effortlessly between planning, managing and collaborating. (reduce apps and tabs overload!)
– Pay for less tools while getting more in one.
– Keep all knowledge, documents, and communication in one integrated location

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3. Creator Channels

We pull people out of spam

“We provide a software that enables sales and marketers to better inbox (not go to spam) with their outbound email messaging. We are plug-n-play with all majors senders and automation software.”

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4. Repods

REPODS is an online data warehouse service for managing and analyzing data histories in data pods, designed by Record Evolution. Data can be imported via various interfaces. IoT devices can also stream data directly to a data pod for cross-analysis with all other data warehouse data.

Data Pods are compact data warehouses equipped with storage and computing resources and all necessary tools. Each pod runs on its own infrastructure for maximum security and stable performance. The infrastructure can be flexibly scaled within a few seconds.

Our flexible prices start from 0€ per month. This package offers you a fully working pod with all features but limited memory and CPU.

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5. Panda Index Builder

Panda Analytics is a startup in the financial service industry and we recently launched our flagship product, Panda Index Builder, an automated crypto investing software that allows users to build, backtest, analyze, execute and rebalance crypto indexes. Our goal is to empower retail investors with rigorous technology-enabled solutions to drive stronger outcomes. Leveraging our highly flexible smart investing software allows a retail investor to create a self-directed investing strategy based on their meaningfully customized set of rules. The ability to retain an element of risk control and at the same time gain a little extra performance makes Panda Index Builder stand out from purely passive investing software and makes it a powerfully simple and simply powerful tool in the investing world.

we want to attract more attention from our potential users and improve our SEO ranking, and as such we are reaching out to you to obtain press coverage opportunities.

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