Youtube Shorts hits 3.5B daily views

Sunder Pichai says Youtube is growing fast and its Shorts gets 3.5B daily views. YouTube Shorts is platform which helps you to publish vertical videos up to 60 seconds. It has an advantage getting your vertical not only in your channel but also your videos featured in Shorts home page. Growth of vertical videos is phenomenal. around 60% of video all video content is currently being watched on mobile devices and a growing 94% of world interact with our phones vertically. Shorts more like a Tik tok in its experience

Sunder Pichai in his Q4 2020 earning call with analysts late on Tuesday, said that at YouTube is building products that helps creators benefit from two important trends — live video and short form video. Though it is still a Youtube that gets you going with vertical trend, it has got its own viewership and base. Would be exciting to see its growth and how it competes with Tiktok or other vertical video platforms.