Next-Drive: Used Cars at an affordable price and with no hassles


Next-Drive is a leading Japanese car exporter located in Hamamatsu, Japan, known for exporting Japanese used cars globally. The company’s mission is to offer affordable Japanese vehicles with hassle-free shipping. Next-Drive prides itself on customer satisfaction and aims to build long-term relationships by providing efficient, cost-effective car export services. With access to over 200 auction houses, customers can conveniently purchase cars through online auctions from their homes.

Next-Drive successfully exports over 500 cars each month worldwide. The company is structured to handle significant commitments while addressing individual customer queries. Their services extend beyond car importers to individual buyers, ensuring no inconvenience in the purchasing process. Customers benefit from outstanding Japanese customer service, direct support from Japan, and the elimination of extra costs often encountered in traditional auto showrooms.

The company operates 24/7 to meet customer demands, offering multilingual support to cater to its international clientele. Next-Drive envisions becoming a premier online exporter of Japanese domestic market cars. They are dedicated to revolutionizing the car buying experience by smoothly delivering dream cars from Japan to customers’ countries. Their commitment to creating global connections and addressing new challenges drives their continuous improvement in service delivery.

In summary, Next-Drive stands out as a global Japanese car exporter with a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Their extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that they provide the best Japanese car quality right to the customers’ doorsteps.