Boilerplate FYI – Ready to build your AI apps?


Boilerplate FYI emerges as a transformative platform spearheaded by Chenglong, a visionary with no prior coding experience. Despite lacking programming skills, Chenglong’s firsthand encounters with the challenges of AI application development have fueled his journey to revolutionize the accessibility of AI technology.

Chenglong’s ventures, from Aivatar to and, underscore the inherent difficulties faced by non-technical individuals in navigating the complexities of AI development. His realization of the daunting nature of this endeavor, akin to being lost in a dense fog, serves as a driving force behind the creation of

The platform’s mission is clear: to democratize AI application development through the provision of code boilerplates. Leveraging the accessibility and efficiency of Next.js, offers a gateway for aspiring developers to embark on their AI journey with confidence.

At its core, serves as a beacon of opportunity for those eager to delve into the realm of AI. By curating the latest Next.js templates and offering insightful reviews and comparisons, the platform empowers individuals to kickstart their AI application development endeavors promptly.

With Chenglong’s guidance and’s resources at their disposal, aspiring developers are poised to navigate the intricacies of AI development with ease. Together, they embark on a journey to embrace the innovative era of AI and craft extraordinary applications that push the boundaries of possibility.