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Googles A.I. Creates Its Own Offspring!

Quite Interesting to see Google's A.I. can reproduce its own offspring like in the movies "Terminator'.

Oho Cards, Augmented Reality Greetings Card

OHO cards are augmented reality based greeting cards where your video message is displayed in AR mode and also integrated with 3D models based...

Greetly, Automates your reception!

Modern office reception. Greet visitors, accept packages and Get More Done! https://vimeo.com/106031935

Journey into Designing World class Headphones

Sankar Thiagasamudram - CEO of Audeze, the award winning headphone company based in California. Audeze is known for some of the worlds best headphones. ...

Why Email Marketing is the big startup growth hacker ?

How to grow your business through EMAIL marketing - Live Q&A - #AWeberChat. Source: Evan Carmichael. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edgIr7IvJMo

The future of flying robots !

Would these robots start ruling our future ? Dr.Vijay kumar talks on how flying robots can revolutionize different industries and could solve one of...

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs should know Photoshop !

In today's startup ecosystem every entrepreneur is expected to know the end-to-end cycle of his own business. Prototypes would be the starting point and...

The one Big reason why startups succeed ?

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed How many times did you have the chance to see start-up businesses reach success faster than anyone believed...

The ultimate reason why startups succeed !

There are several parameters that defines a startup success. The Idea, The Business Model, The Investment etc., In this video you will find a...

How iShippo is going to democratize logistics ?

IShippo, An interesting idea mapping the world's existing mobility to run the logistics. As a crowd sourcing platform it connects homebased business makers through...

What social entrepreneurs should look for ?

Here are some useful tips for Socialprenuers in building their team.

Facebook drones all set to take off !

There's always a Buzz around Facebook and Google on who does what first, End of July 2015, Facebook announced  their new Solar –powered drone...

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