Gauthmath is a new, free math app that lets you get answers to questions with just a photograph. We know a lot of people struggle with their maths, school kids and adults alike. Gauthmath aims to help anyone who needs help with mathematics at any level. All you have to do is take a picture of your problem, send it, and a live tutor will respond within a few minutes with an answer, and detailed steps of how that answer was achieved, along with any useful tips and tricks. What sets us apart is not only the fact that we have real, live tutors, available 24 hours a day who are specially selected for their knowledge in certain areas, but also unlike other math solving tools we provide a full explanation behind the answer, and our live tutors can answer word problems too. We recognise our app is an important learning tool, and as a result it is completely free (and there’s no catch there, either!).

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