Minta’s solution to the problem? In one click, Minta automates the entire creation and distribution process of ready-for-social product videos.

Minta’s strength lies within its smart algorithm automation capabilities, video quality, ease-of-use and resource-saving features for the auto-creation, editing and publishing of product videos.

Minta automatically creates New in, product listing, customer review and many other videos can be automatically added to product pages, promoted as video ads or auto posted on social media. It’s safe to say that our videos are a game changer for online sellers with mind blowing results with up to X40 higher product listing visits, X3.6 in sales increase and X8 in traffic and engagement.

Minta provides online sellers the ability to daily promote their products online with videos that convert without any effort in an easy to use automated way. replacing all the DIY content creation and auto posting social media platforms in a single fully automated solution built for online sellers.

Here’s the problem: currently small-medium online sellers can’t and don’t use video in order to promote their products online. Creating constant video content for social media, emails, website is time consuming, expensive and requires creative knowledge.

DIY content creation platforms aren’t adjusted to online sellers as every video needs to be created manually which isn’t scalable and completely not aligned with the dynamic e-comm online selling environment.

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