Convert customer feedback into revenue

ProdCamp centralizes multiple feedback channels (email forwarding, public roadmap, embeddable widget, customer’s interview notes, a chrome extension to capture feedback anywhere from your browser). And more to come! We believe multiplying the feedback source is a great way to increase its volume. Which is great as soon as you can organize it. And that’s what Prodcamp is for too. It helps you categorizes and structure your feedback. Link it to features, count the volume of requests, if you bring in your customers account value or use the CRM integration Prodcamp will let you see the revenue associated with one feature or another to help you make more educated decisions and prioritize your next moves. Once you know what you need to do you can automatically share the good news back to your clients and up to engineering. Closing the loop with your customers during the entire process, making everyone a part of the development process while gaining clarity, efficiency, and revenue along the way. ProdCamp comes at the crossroad of your development process, as a bridge between customers, customer-facing teams, product management, engineering, and marketing to bring a new level of effectiveness for customer-centric organizations.

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