Qwaiting is a Queue Management Software designed to help businesses to simplify their queue system and increase customer satisfaction. Customers can book appointments hassle-free, share feedback and also improve staff efficiency. It is easily accessible on PC, Laptops, and Mobile phones. The system is ideal for businesses like – Banks, Clinics, Education institutions, Hospitals, Immigration.

Implementing Qwaiting at your location means:
● Reduced Waiting Time
● Reduced Walk-aways
● Providing an outstanding customer experience
● Real-time data insights for data-driven decisions.
● Easier to contact your customer on a more personal level.

Staff management,
Visitor SMS Notification
Customers management,
Real-Time Reports
Booking appointment
Visitor Check-in
Multilingual Backend
Kiosk App
Digital Signage
Service Intelligence
Fully Customizable

For more information https://qwaiting.com/