Revolutionizing the Employment Landscape: A Conversation with Rankfull’s Kristine Campbell


The Genesis of Rankfull:
Campbell founded Rankfull in November 2017 after leaving Microsoft, as she realized the need for a platform that offers comprehensive, unbiased, and verified employer reviews. Existing platforms were either filled with disgruntled employee comments or lacked the necessary information for a holistic view of employers.

Employee Engagement:
According to Campbell, employee engagement is crucial for any business, as people and data are the strongest assets and potential liabilities. Ensuring employees are satisfied and engaged helps prevent high turnover and the loss of intellectual property.

Rankfull’s Competitive Edge:
Rankfull stands out from competitors by verifying the employment status of survey participants and providing comment-free reviews. The platform focuses on HR industry-standard questions, like the Gallup 12, and additional questions that address employees’ concerns.

The Driving Vision:
Campbell’s vision is to empower people to cultivate healthy work cultures, reduce employee turnover costs, and create happy, healthy workplaces that positively impact the wider community.

For a deeper dive into Kristine Campbell’s insights and the story behind Rankfull, be sure to watch the accompanying video interview embedded in this post.