Customer screen-recordings to solve issues faster

When doing support, customer/agent misunderstandings create a lot of back & forth that killed both customer satisfaction and resolution time. Understanding customer problems and their context is key to providing an excellent user experience and resolving issues fast. Vidbix allows your customers to show&tell their issues (via screen-recording) and provides all the context to solve problems faster, personally and inside your current workflow (now Zendesk and Intercom, but more coming soon). Vidbix is like installing a screen recording tool for each of your customers and agents. But they don’t need to install anything! Use to: – To improve your customer experience. Enable your customers to start any conversation with screen recordings (in your support chat, forms or widgets). – To empower your support team. Now they can resolve any issue via screen recording inside their support workflow or ask for additional customer screen recordings to clarify things when needed. – To give a voice to the customer. Share your customer’s Vidbix with Product to show the issues that customers are facing (bugs, UX, …) or present the angry customer to your success team. The voice of your customers directly from your customers.

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