You’re Not A Designer

You’re Not A Designer is a no-nonsense branding service for busy builders and makers, based out of Washington DC.
The idea is this: a designer’s best work is what they come up with at first. Hallmarks of a traditional design campaign are revisions, feedback, presentations etc, but all of these are costly and do not really improve on a design, they simply help a client feel more comfortable with it. Along with this, those who make things – builders, makers, engineers – are busy people, they don’t have the time nor the money to waste on a long-term design project with a “proper” designer – and they themselves are not designers.
So, we realised that if we could cut out all the nonsense of round after round of meetings, presentations and revisions, we could pass the savings from these costly activities onto the customer. Our service benefits both designers and clients – the designer gets to showcase their best work without all the faff of design theatre, and the client gets a brilliant design on a short turnaround and a small fixed cost.
Our service really is as simple as filling out a form, paying a one-time fixed fee, and receiving at most 72 hours later a hand-designed blueprint to branding. There’s no nonsense, no algorithms, no AIs, just pure design talent.

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